We’re excited to participate in the Eco Chase Challenge: Race Against Waste! This engaging, multi-month scavenger hunt sends teams on missions around the community to get photos or videos at checkpoints, answer trivia questions, and gather points to compete with other teams. Cash and prizes will be awarded by Alachua County Waste Alternatives during this exciting event!

Alachua County Waste Alternatives created this challenge to highlight the many things our county does to reduce, reuse and recycle. The goal is to learn more about recycling, conservation and waste reduction while exploring the resources and community partners committed to making Alachua County an eco-friendly place to live.

Dates: Feb. 21-Apr. 22 (Earth Day!)

Learn more about the challenge and the app, and register your team:

Eco Chase Challenge

While you’re here racking up points on your missions, don’t miss the Our Energy Future exhibit which is full of tips on reducing energy use at home! Plan your visit and check out our newest exhibit, Spiders Alive!