This guide engages children in the process of scientific inquiry using the context of a favorite early childhood pastime—water play!

MESS Water guide coverMESS Water Educators’ Guide

MESS Water Materials

Included experiences:

  1. What is Water?
  2. Why is Water Important?
  3. What is the Shape of Water?
  4. Exploring Water Drops
  5. Measuring Water
  6. Absorption
  7. Evaporation
  8. Ice Melts
  9. Exploring Water Flow 1
  10. Exploring Water Flow 2
  11. Does Water Take Up Space?
  12. Does Water Have Weight?
  13. Exploring Floating and Sinking 1
  14. Exploring Floating and Sinking 2
  15. Mixing Liquids
  16. Dissolving


Marvelous Explorations Through Science and Stories: MESS®

Marvelous Explorations Through Science and Stories: MESS is a science-centered early childhood curriculum enhancement. MESS includes 10 month-long units that are appropriate for 3- through 5-year-old children. Each unit includes field-tested science experiences, suggestions for ways to integrate each topic across the curriculum, lists of recommended books and science materials, and ideas for involving families in children’s learning at home and in other settings.