Discovery Time is a video series by our Discovery Zone Nature Ambassadors, designed for families with young children (2+, but all ages are welcome) to introduce kids to nature.


  • Short family-friendly videos, each with a unique topic to explore.
  • Guided open exploration on a variety of topics related to natural history.
  • Material suggestions for easy-to-do affordable kid-friendly fun.
  • Favorite book suggestions from the Discovery Zone Library.

Discovery Time Playlist

Browse all of our Discovery Time episodes here in our Learning Resources directory for project materials and book ideas for each nature topic.

Have Fun, Stay Safe

Adventuring outside with children is more about exploring what you find, not the destination!

  • Have fun and be flexible.
  • Give the kids some control, but keep them close.
  • Bring snacks and plenty of fluids.
  • Dress yourself and your children in layers and wear closed-toe shoes, long sleeves, pants and a hat to protect your skin from sunburn and insect bites.
  • Pick a short, interesting hike and allow a lot of time.
  • Safety first! Check your surroundings and watch where you step. Be extra cautious around water.
  • Be prepared with first aid.
  • Plan for weather!
  • Teach, sing and play games with your kids.
  • Review with the kids – each hike – what to do if they should become separated from you.

Ethics of Collecting

  • Respect all living things including all plants and animals.
  • Return all living creatures back to where you found them.
  • Collect carefully!
  • Respect others property, watch for posted signs and private property.
  • Take a close look at nature, but best practice is to return natural items where they were found.