Past funded projects

NSF DEB-0956371 Collaborative Research: BiSciCol Tracker: Towards a tagging and tracking infrastructure for biodiversity science collections  Blog

Guralnick, R.P., Cellinese, N., Deck, J., Pyle, R.L., Kunze, J., Penev, L., Walls, R., Hagedorn, G., Agosti, D., Wieczorek, J., Catapano, T., Page, R.D.M. 2015. Community Next steps for Making Globally Unique Identifiers Work for Biocollections Data. Zookeys 494: 133-154.

Guralnick, R., Conlin, T., Deck, J., Stucky, B.J., Cellinese, N. 2014. The Trouble with Triplets in Biodiversity Informatics: A Data-Driven Case Against Current Identifier Practices PLoS ONE 9(12): e114069. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0114069.

Stucky, B.J., Deck, J., Conlin, T., Ziemba, L., Cellinese, N., Guralnick, R. 2014. The BISciCol Triplifier: bringing biodiversity data to the Semantic Web. BMC Bioinformatics 15: 257.

2006 TOLKIN via Euphorbia PBI
2006 TOLKIN via Gymnosperm ATOL (GTOL)
2006 Data Integration and workflows via pPod ATOL
2006 Herbarium Cyberinfrastructure (workshop)
2005 TOLKIN via Liverwort ATOL (LiTOL)
2004 TOLKIN via Angiosperm ATOL

Soltis, D.E., S.A. Smith, N. Cellinese, K.J. Wurdack, D.C. Tank, S.F. Brockington, N.F. Refulio-Rodriguez, J.B. Walker, M.J. Moore, B.S. Carlsward, C.D. Bell, M. Latvis, S. Crawley, C. Black, D. Diouf, Z. Xi, C.A. Rushworth, M.A. Gitzendanner, K.J. Sytsma, Y.-L. Qiu, K.W. Hilu, C.C. Davis, M.J. Sanderson, R.S. Beaman, R.G. Olmstead, W.S. Judd, M.J. Donoghue, P.S. Soltis. 2011. Angiosperm phylogeny: 17 genes, 640 taxa. American Journal of Botany 98:704-730.

Beaman, R.S. and Cellinese, N. 2012. Mass digitization of scientific collections: new opportunities to transform the use of biological specimens and underwrite biodiversity science. In: No Specimen Left Behind: Mass Digitization of Natural History Collections, Blagoderov, D. & Smith, V. (Eds). ZooKeys 209: 7-17, special issue.

Beaman, R.S., Traub, G., Dell, C., Santiago, N., Koh, J., Cellinese, N. 2012. TOLKIN – Tree of Life Knowledge and Information Network:  Filling a Gap for Collaborative Research in Biological Systematics. PLoS One 7(6): doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0039352

NSF DBI-0345341 Collaborative Research: Rapid Digital Specimen Image and Data Capture: A Web Services Solution  HERBIS