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Gaurav Vaidya

Dr. Gaurav Vaidya

Email: gaurav[at]

Gaurav is the guru driving the development of the Phyloreferencing project



Dr. Grant Godden

Email: g0ddengr[at]

Grant contributes to the Phyloreferencing project by generating those important use cases that drive our development. Additionally, he is building a number of studies on the evolution of Campanulaceae.

Graduate Students

Cody Coyotee HowardCody Coyotee Howard

Email: cchoward[at]

Interested in the evolution of underground storage organs (i.e., bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizomes, etc.) with a particular focus on bulbs (e.g., onions). Along those lines, his dissertation is largely focused on the evolution and biogeography of Ledebouria (Asparagaceae) a bulbous plant related to the hyacinth that can be found throughout sub-Saharan Africa as well as Madagascar, Socotra, Yemen, India and Sri Lanka. Website

Prabha Amarasinghe

Prabha Amarasinghe

Email: pamarasinghe[at]

Prabha is working on the evolution and historical biogeography of Memecylon (Melastomataceae). She is also looking into niche shifts in Sri Lanka!  Website

Anna BeckerAnna Becker

Email: Becker.a[at]

Anna is working on the evolution and phylogeography of Vaccinium lineages (Ericaceae) endemic to the South Pacific islands. She is also deeply involved in the Phyloreferencing project 

ShelbyShelby Krupar

Shelby will join the lab in August 2019 and will work on the evolution and conservation of south Florida bromeliads.


Undergraduate Students

Kevin TruongKevin Truong

Email: ktruong928[at]

Kevin is a Biology major and currently working with Cody on assessing the genome sizes and ploidal levels of Ledebouria (Asparagaceae).

Halle MarcheseHalle Marchese

Email: hmarchese[at]

Halle is working with Cody and helping to develop methods for microcomputed tomography (uCT scanning) of bulbous plants in order to study developmental and morphological differences. She is also using her interest in scientific writing to educate the public on the importance of bulbous plants as well as to promote their study.

Phuc PhamPhuc Pham

Email: phucpham[at]

Phuc is majoring in biomedical engineering and he is working with Prabha getting flow cytometry data for Memecylon