Andy CrowlDr. Andy Crowl 
Email: andy.crowl[at]

Andy works on the NSF-funded North American Lobelia project, in addition to a number of others side projects in Campanulaceae.


HannahDr. Jiahong (Hannah) Han 
Email: jiahonghan[at]

Hannah works on our NSF-funded Melastomataceae phylogenomics project. She focuses specifically on paleotropical groups.

Ph.D. Students

Anna B.Anna Becker (2018-)

Email: Becker.a[at]

Anna is working on the evolution and phylogeography of Hawaiian Vaccinium lineages (Ericaceae).  She has also been involved in the Phyloreferencing project 

ShelbyShelby Krupar (2019-)


Shelby works on the genomics and spatial genetic structure of Guzmania monostachia (Bromeliaceae), with a focus on Florida populations.

Malu Ore RengifoMalu Ore Rengifo (2021-)


Malu is co-advised with Dr. Lucas Majure. She is investigating the phylogenomics of Chaetogastra (Melastomataceae) and phylogeography of Chaetogastra longifolia.
She is part of our NSF-funded Melastomataceae phylogenomics project.

EmelineEmeline Pano (2022-)


Emeline is very interested in the flora in Baja California and her research focuses on the evolution of Fouquieria (Fouquieriaceae/Ericales) with an emphasis on the origin of polyploidy, genetic diversity, and phylogeography.

LungeloLungelo Khanyile (2024-)




Undergraduate Students

AlyssaAlyssa Cabrera – Biology

Alyssa is working on our Florida bromeliad genomics project


StephenStephen Patten – Biology

Stephen is working on the NSF-funded North American Lobelia project, although he also lends a hand in our bromeliad genomics studies. He has been selected for the competitive University Scholars Program.