Dr. Lucas Bacci 
Email: lucasfbacci[at]

Lucas is co-advised with Lucas Majure and works on our NSF-funded Melastomataceae phylogenomics project.



Dr. Grant Godden

Email: g0ddengr[at]

Grant works mainly on our NSF-funded North American Lobelia project, in addition to a number of others side projects

Graduate Students

Anna BeckerAnna Becker

Email: Becker.a[at]

Anna is working on the evolution and phylogeography of Hawaiian Vaccinium lineages (Ericaceae).  She is also deeply involved in the Phyloreferencing project 

ShelbyShelby Krupar


Shelby works on the genetic diversity and spatial genetic structure of Guzmania Monostachia (Bromeliaceae), with a focus on Florida populations.


Undergraduate Students