Nico CellineseCurator, Herbarium and Informatics
Joint Professor, Department of Biology

Ph.D. Natural History Museum, London & University of Reading, UK
Email: ncellinese[at]
Twitter @ncellinese

Florida Museum of Natural History
Dickinson Hall, Rm. 354

1659 Museum Road
Gainesville, Florida 32611-7800
Tel. 352-273-1979
Fax 352-352-846-1861

My research lies at the interface of biodiversity science and informatics. I aim at more effectively bridging the synergies of plant systematics, evolution, biogeography, and informatics in innovative ways. I primarily work with angiosperms (flowering plants).  In my lab we also develop tools that support research in biodiversity informatics and phyloinformatics.

Grant funded projects

I am very grateful to the National Science Foundation for its continuous support!

2020 Collaborative Research: Resolving the relationships of Melastomataceae, one of the world’s most diverse flowering plant radiations
2020 Collaborative Research: BEE: Ecological and evolutionary processes affecting the co-existence of close relatives
2015 An ontology-based system for querying life in a post-taxonomic age
2015 Evolution of Campanula erinus in the Mediterranean
2010 BiSciCol: Biological Science Collections Tracker  Blog
2010 CAREER: Evolution of Mediterranean Campanulaceae
2006 TOLKIN via Euphorbia PBI
2006 TOLKIN via Gymnosperm ATOL (GTOL)
2006 Data Integration and workflows
2006 Herbarium Cyberinfrastructure (workshop)
2005 TOLKIN via Liverwort ATOL (LiTOL)
2004 TOLKIN via Angiosperm ATOL
2004 Database development for plant systematics (workshop)

Tool Development

RegNum – The International Clade Names Repository – Available Beta version

Phyloreferencing –    Phylo2OWL
Cellinese, N., Conix, S., Lapp, H. 2021. Phyloreferences: Tree-Native, Reproducible, and Machine-Interpretable Taxon Concepts. Philosophy, Theory and Practice in Biology, Accepted. Available in EcoEvoRxiv

ToLKIN – Tree of Life Knowledge and Information Network
Beaman, R.S., Traub, G., Dell, C., Santiago, N., Koh, J., Cellinese, N. 2012. TOLKIN – Tree of Life Knowledge and Information Network:  Filling a Gap for Collaborative Research in Biological Systematics. PLoS One 7(6): doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0039352

BiSciCol – Biological Science Collections Tracker – The BisciCol Triplifier
Stucky, B.J., Deck, J., Conlin, T., Ziemba, L., Cellinese, N., Guralnick, R. 2014. The BISciCol Triplifier: bringing biodiversity data to the Semantic Web. BMC Bioinformatics. BMC Bioinformatics 15: 257.

Code repository

Professional Service

at University of Florida

2020-2023       Member, UF Faculty Senate
2018-2023       Member, UF IT Committee
2010-2018       Member, Graduate Admission Committee, Department of Biology
2015-2018       Member, UF Faculty Senate
2009-2012       Member, UF Faculty Senate

2020-2023       Chair, Website Committee, FLMNH
2012-2015       Member, University Teaching Committee, FLMNH
2010-2012       Chair, Informatics Committee, FLMNH
2007-2010       Member, Informatics Committee, FLMNH

February 28, 2020 Co-organizer of the Alexander von Humboldt Symposium


2020 Guest Editor, Frontiers in Plant Science, Research Topic: Understanding Plant Diversity and Evolution in the Mediterranean Basin
2015-present   Biogeographia Editorial Board
2014-present   PLoS One Editorial Board

2016-2020       Chair, BSA Graduate Research Award Committee
2014-2016       Member, BSA Graduate Research Award Committee
2013-present   Member, rOpenSci Advisory Board
2012-present   Member, International Committee on Bionomenclature (ICB)
2008-present   Co-Convener, Phylogenetics Standards Interest Group, TDWG

2020-2023        Treasurer, ISPN
2007-present   Chair, Name Registration Committee, ISPN
2004-2007        Member, Name Registration Committee, ISPN
2010-2013        President-elect, President, Past President, ISPN
2004-2010        Treasurer, ISPN

2013    Chair, Program Committee iEvoBio
2012    Member, Program Committee iEvoBio
2011    Member, Program Committee TDWG


Plant Geography BOT4621 – alternate years

Phylogenetic Systematics Seminar BOT6935 & ZOO6927 – every fall semester

Evolutionary Biogeography BSC4821, PCB6675C, BOT6935 & ZOO6927 – alternate years

Principles of Systematic Biology BOT6726C & ZOO6927 – alternate years

Taxonomy of Vascular Plants BOT5725 – alternate years

Biological Nomenclature BOT6935 & ZOO6927 – on demand

Fieldwork experience 

 Asia and Australasia: India, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo (Sabah, Sarawak, Kalimantan), China, Australia
 South America: British Guyana, Venezuela
 Europe: Greece, Italy, France