person standing in-front of a waterfallJaimi Gray

Ph.D., 2018, University of Adelaide
​B.S., 2013, University of Adelaide

Twitter: @jaimiAgray

Jaimi is a CT imaging and morphology specialist and a postdoc on the oVert Thematic Collections Network. Her research includes comparative morphology of lizard skulls, arachnid weaponry, and snake brains and neurosensory systems. She has worked in field sites and labs in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.


Maggie HantakMaggie Hantak

Ph.D., 2019, Ohio University 
M.S., 2013, John Carroll University
B.S., 2011, John Carroll University

Twitter: @MaggieHantak

Maggie’s research program is focused on spatial and temporal factors that influence variation in phenotypic traits. She has an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology (PRFB) to study the evolution and maintenance of the dorsal striped/unstriped color polymorphism in Plethodon salamanders. To accomplish her goals, Maggie will use machine learning, museum collections, and community science platforms to gather data on the widespread polymorphism.