In 2012, AmphibiaWeb considered various ways to celebrate the scientific description of the 7000th species of amphibian. We decided to celebrate with a new song created for the occasion by the Wiggly Tendrils, which was later animated by the Viz Studio at the California Academy of Sciences. This was well received by both the general public and colleagues, and even received nice press from NPR.

Based on this, Dave Blackburn and the Wiggly Tendrils decided to celebrate another ‘amphibian milestone’ with the description of the 200th species of caecilian. This song was even ‘peer-reviewed’ by our colleague Dr. Marvalee Wake, a noted caecilian expert. We then collaborated with students in an animation course at Ex’pression College in Emeryville, California to animate this song, complete with a ‘caecilian scientist’ and dance scenes. Check out the ‘Caecilian Cotillion’ song and the animated video.

The Wiggly Tendrils also recorded another song about amphibians! Check out ‘Rock N Roll Like a Tadpole‘!