person smiling and holding a frogFernanda Magalhães Silva

​Ph.D. student in Universidade Federal do Pará/Museu Goeldi

Fernanda visited the lab for 16 months from 2019–2021, supported by Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES) PDSE 41/2018 Fellowship in Brazil.


person wearing a hat with a light on it, a large fog is on his facePaulo D. P. Pinheiro

Postdoc at Universidade de São Paulo

Paulo was a visiting postdoc in the lab for 6 months in 2020, supported by a Bolsa de Estágio em Pesquisa no Exterior Fellowship from FAPESP in Brazil.

Paulo’s website

person holding an alligator with its mouth tapped shutIgor Joventino Roberto

Postdoc at Universidade Federal do Ceará​

As a PhD student at Universidade Federal do Amazonas, Igor visited the lab in 2019 for 6 months while working on systematics and species delimitation of caimans.


person smiling, mountains can be seen behind themBryan McLean

Assistant Professor
​Univ. North Carolina – Greensboro

​Bryan was a NSF PRFB postdoc in the lab, along with Rob Guralnick and David Reed.

Bryan’s website

Person smilingJessica Oswald

Postdoc with Rob Guralnick and Julie Allen.

Jess was a postdoc in the Blackburn Lab from 2016–2018 and was also associated with Rob Guralnick and Dave Steadman’s labs.

Jessica’s website

person smiling and holding a birdOona Takano

Admin., oVert TCN 2018

​PhD student, University of New Mexico

person in a hatLauren Gonzales

Assistant Professor
​Univ. South Carolina – Greenville

Lauren was a postdoc in the Blackburn Lab from 2015–2016 and was also associated with Jon Bloch‘s lab.

Lauren’s website

person wearing glasses posing next to a large lizardGiovanni Fuentes

UF undergraduate, 2017–2020

person in a classrom holding a white snakeT. Dani Hayes

UF undergraduate, 2017–2020

person holding a small frogManas Sharma

Visiting Student Researcher
June–July 2017

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Trivandrum, India

person holding a small frogC.J. Blair

Visiting Student Researcher from Oberlin College
​January 2017


person posing next to a dinosaur statueAdrina Perez

UF undergraduate, 2017–2019

person holding several snakesAmber Singh

UF undergraduate, 2016–2020

person holding a small snakeLuís Ceríaco

Investigator, Universidade do Porto

​Luis was a postdoc in the Blackburn Lab from 2014–2016 funded by a grant from JRS Biodiversity Foundation.

Luis on ResearchGate

person holding rocksLauren Roberts

Undergraduate Curatorial Assistant
June–July 2016

Lauren visited us from Dave McLeod’s lab at James Madison University

person holding a roosterDan Portik

Bioinformatics Scientist, Pacific Biosciences

Cameroon 2011, 2013, 2014
​Uganda 2014

Google Scholar

person in a rain coatBrian Freiermuth

M.Sc., 2015, San Francisco State University

Cameroon 2013, 2014

person in a khaki shirt leaning against a carLauren Scheinberg

Collection Manager
California Academy of Sciences

Nigeria 2012
Cameroon 2014

CAS Herpetology

person standing under an umbrellaJens V. Vindum

Collection Manager (retired)
California Academy of Sciences

Nigeria 2012
Angola 2012, 2013, 2015

CAS Herpetology

person with white lab gloves hold thin green vineWalter Tapondjou

MSc​ student, Univ. Kansas

Cameroon 2014

person holding a very large seedpodBecca Tarvin

Assistant Prof., UC-Berkeley

Cameroon 2013

Becca’s website