Hello Museum Friends,

Florida commonly experiences severe weather and closures of campus are possible throughout the year. Please use the following directions to prepare technology in your area when severe weather closures happen.

  1. Safely power down your computer and any other pieces of technology that you are responsible for (printers, cameras, scanners, etc . . .).
    1. On a Windows computer go to the start menu, select the power icon, and then select shut down in the secondary menu.
    2.  On a Mac OS computer go to the apple menu, typically located in the upper left of the screen, and select ‘Shut Down…’
  2.  Turn off your battery backup.
    1. Make sure all devices connected to the battery backup are powered off.
    2.  Press the power button on the battery backup until the power indicator light turns off, this is usually green and comes from the power button itself, however some units have the indicator light near the power button.
    3.  If reachable unplug the battery backup from the wall. If not unplug all devices from the battery backup.
  3. Move your computer, battery backup, and other technology off the floor. This can be onto a table, desk, or other raised surface at least 2 feet from the floor.
  4. If your area is prone to leaks and/or flooding please cover all technology with a plastic tarp. Please speak to the supervisor of your area if you are unsure where the plastic is.

Thank you for your time and effort in maintaining museum technology.