Managing Exchange Email

There are two ways to manage email lists at the Museum. Distribution lists are managed through Outlook and may ONLY contain people who have a UF Exchange mailbox. If you need to email groups of people that include users that do not have UF Exchange mailboxes (non-Exchange UF depts, other institutions, Gmail, Yahoo or other email service users), you must use the UF Listserve service to manage your email lists.

Videos on this page:

Open a Resource Mailbox from Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Learn how to use Outlook Web Access to open a resource mailbox.

Setting Up Email Filters in Exchange

Learn how to set up an email filter for your Exchange account. This video will demonstrate a filter that automatically deletes messages from a spammer that emails you repeatedly. However, the same technique can be used to create filters that do many other things, such as moving messages into folders, forwarding to other recipients and more.

Topics covered:
0:00 – intro
0:46 – logging into Outlook Web Access (OWA)
1:02 – basic filter description
1:20 – filter setup
2:40 – setting up new rule to delete email based on sender
4:22 – OWA URL (