Museum faculty, exempt Teams staff, and staff approved for an Alternate Work Location may request OMT to setup remote access to a Museum Mac using Screen Sharing. Open a Support Desk Ticket with OMT to request setup and include the name of the computer to which you wish to remotely connect.

Unlike Windows Remote Desktop, Mac Screen Sharing does not lock the screen of the remote computer while you are connected. Anyone with physical access to the remote computer can watch what you are doing on the screen. Mac screen sharing should be reserved for specialty software access and tasks that may only be completed on the workstation.

Mac Screen Sharing from a Remote Mac

OMT will provide users with the correct machine name and IP address as part of the setup process. This video demonstrates connecting from a remote Mac, but is also applicable for connecting from a remote Windows machine. The only significant change is that you will need to use a different VNC client, as Windows does not have one built in. We have found success with TightVNC viewer, but any VNC client should work. Be sure to install only a  VNC client and not server.