The Office of Museum Technology is pleased to announce the release of a new Travel Request System. This new form and updated workflow follow in the path of the recently-released Graphics Request system, as it is our latest expansion of the FM Workorder Application for submitting and managing work requests within the museum. The travel request form and the supporting request management queue modernize the travel request process and provide an interface for the Fiscal Team to track and update requests.

Below is a screenshot of the new form. To view, track, and update Travel requests once submitted, request Owners can click “My Requests” in the Navigation Bar. This page will also contain your requests from other departments that make use of the FM Workorder system.

A screenshot of the upper portion of the travel request form

This form can be reached through the “Travel Authorization Form” (Online Form) links under the Travel subheader in the “Forms” area of the Intranet.

A screenshot of the intranet navigation area that contains the link to the Forms pageA screenshot of various links in the Travel subsection of the intranet forms page