The Office of Museum Technology is pleased to announce the immediate release of a new Key and Fob Management System. The new system modernizes multiple processes and provides a dashboard where users may view, track, and update their requests. As space managers are defined, they will be able to access a manager dashboard for self-service viewing of the key and fob assignments for their respective areas.

A change for supervisors requesting key and fob assignments is that you will now need to enter the UFID of the person for whom you are requesting access. This is because key and fob assignments are by UFID in UF systems. The system will validate the UFID against the UF Directory and require a valid UFID. Below is a screenshot of the new request form.

Key Fob Request Form


If you are requesting access for a direct report, select yourself as the supervisor. If you are requesting access for another supervisor, select the recipients direct supervisor.

Each requestor may view, track, and update their assignment requests by selecting Requests –> Active Key/Fob Requests from the top navigation.

Key and Fob Request ListThe link on the Museum Intranet for Key & Fob Requests has been updated to the new system.

Intranet Key & Fob Request Link