Current Courses

Insects and Plants, Fall 2023

Instructors: Andrei Sourakov and Keith Willmott

Course description

Insects and plants are intimately connected and have been so for 300 million years. During this time, the evolutionary arms-race between the two groups has produced examples of co-existence more fantastic than any science-fiction. During this course, we will use the textbook to stimulate more in-depth discussions of diverse topics linked to insect-plant interactions, including co-evolution, chemical ecology, predator-prey relationships, mimicry, natural selection, camouflage, host-mediated speciation and adaptive radiation. In addition to lectures and discussion sessions, students will have a chance to visit (remotely) the collections of the Florida Museum of Natural History and of the Division of Plant Industry, in addition to the Natural Area Teaching Laboratory located behind the Florida Museum of Natural History, and the Chemical Ecology Laboratory of USDA. Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the evolution of two of the most important groups of organisms on the planet, in addition to developing their ability to think critically about scientific research. This course is intended to stimulate interest in the natural world, in which insects and plants form the great majority of species, and there are no prerequisites beyond a fascination in the diversity of life.

Previous Courses

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(co-taught with Akito Kawahara)

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Insects and Plants

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Evolutionary Biogeography

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Spring 2011, 3 credits, BOT 6935/6554.

Biology of Lepidoptera

(co-taught with Andrei Sourakov)

Spring 2012, 1 credit, ENY 4905/6934.
Spring 2010, 1 credit, ENY 4905/6934.


Spring 2008, 1 credit, ZOO 4926/6927.

Insect Biogeography

Fall 2018, 1 credit, ENY 6934.
Spring 2013, 1 credit, ENY 4905/6934.
Spring 2009, 1 credit, ENY 4905/6934.
Spring 2007, 2 credits, ENY 4905/6934.