distal end of stork tarsometatarsus fossil

First Fossil Stork

Montbrook keeps on giving with the discovery of our first fossil stork! The fossil found is a tarsometatarsus which is … Continue

volunteers laying on ground holding a fossil and smiling at the camera

Return to Thomas Farm

Today we prepared Thomas Farm for our fossil dig. This 18-million-year-old sink hole deposit is very rich in early Miocene … Continue

The crew moving a very heavy plaster and burlap jacket containing the mandible of a gomphothere. Florida Museum photo by Carol Sewell.

Spring 2018 Season Summary

208 volunteers, 51 students for course credit, 14 teachers for professional development, and 38 Florida Museum staff devoted a grand … Continue

Dorelle Ackerman with the mako shark tooth she discovered on Sunday, April 8th. Florida Museum photo by Jonathan Bloch.

New Mako Shark

We recently posted about the discovery of a  tooth adding to the diversity of our Montbrook faunal list. Just yesterday (Sunday, … Continue