distal end of stork tarsometatarsus fossil

First Fossil Stork

Montbrook keeps on giving with the discovery of our first fossil stork! The fossil found is a tarsometatarsus which is … Continue

Microvertebrate fossils from Montbrook

Microvertebrate Fossils

Microvertebrate fossils are really small. They require use of a microscope for identification. Because of this, they receive less love … Continue

Close up of Lee Williams duck coracoid fossil. Florida Museum photo taken on October 21st, 2016 by Jonathan Bloch

The Birds of Montbrook

So far, 18 different species of birds have been identified from Montbrook fossils by Florida Museum Curator of Ornithology, David … Continue

The crew moving a very heavy plaster and burlap jacket containing the mandible of a gomphothere. Florida Museum photo by Carol Sewell.

Spring 2018 Season Summary

208 volunteers, 51 students for course credit, 14 teachers for professional development, and 38 Florida Museum staff devoted a grand … Continue