IMG_2500Current Research:

I am interested in butterfly sexual dynamics, especially male strategies to prevent female remating, such as the insertion of internal mating plugs and the external sphragis. I want analyze the relation between the morphology of these strategies and butterfly phylogeny in order to understand how these traits evolved. I also want to investigate what factors (ecological, biological, environmental, behavioral) are related to the presence of the mating plugs/sphragis, why some closely related species diverge on the presence and absence of such structures and how the strategies affect male and female reproductive success.

Previous Education:

 I graduated from Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil, in January 2012 with a B.S. in Biology. I have a M.S. in Animal Biodiversity also from Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil (2014). My previous research was focused on inventories of butterflies from grassland areas, coastal habitats and urban parks in Southern Brazil. I also used Species Distribution Modeling to predict the possible distribution of the endangered and very rare butterfly Stichelia pelotensis Biezanko, O. Mielke & Wedderhoff, 1978. My main objective with this model was to find environmentally suitable places for this species in an aim to suggest areas for conservation.


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