Amanda Markee

Image of Amanda Markee for bioMolecular Lab Manager 
Twitter: @kkbugtime

I’m a full-time bug enthusiast interested in conservation genetics, population ecology, and evolution. Im currently managing lab personnel for the Kawahara Lab and helping with molecular projects pertaining to phylogenetics, community ecology, and biogeography. Outside of my research, I am interested in science outreach in the context of museums, diversity in STEM and open access to science.

Laurel Kaminsky

Laurel_headshotLepidoptera Digitization Coordinator
Twitter: @LepLichenLaurel

I am the Digitization Coordinator at the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity. My responsibilities involve every aspect of digitization including but not limited to: 1) Design and implement workflows for imaging, transcription and georeferencing; 2) Manage all data and images generated from digitization and upload onto online data portals; 3) Train and supervise all personnel and volunteers in best practices for digitization and natural history collection management.

In addition to Lepidoptera digitization, I maintain an active research interest in Florida lichens and fungi, working on papers and field oriented keys.  In my spare time I enjoy collecting fungi, biking, and making jewelry.