This is a new course that is planned for Spring 2014, through the Dept. of Biology. The course is for upper-level undergrads and graduate students. The course is being taught with Emily Sessa and Jesse Breinholt.

Phylogenetic Systematics Seminar (BOT6935/0332)

The goal of this 1-credit seminar is to engage faculty and students and discuss recent papers in systematics/evolutionary biology. Faculty affiliated with the course come from a diverse background, a the format of the course includes the discussion of current papers of high interest/impact (e.g., Nature, Science, PNAS), papers on previously chosen topics (e.g., phylogeography; large phylogenetic trees; phylogenetics and climate change; systematics and conservation), or short research presentations by students.

Invertebrate Field Biology (ENY3163/5164)

This 3-credit course is offered during Summer Session B, through the Dept. of Entomology and Nematology. The course is for both undergrads and grad students, and focused on learning the invertebrate diversity of Florida. We will have many fun field trips to different collecting localities during the course. We will end the course by learning the marine inverts on a boat at Cedar Key. Click here for the 2012 course flier.

Spider Biology (ENY4905/ZOO4926)

This 2-credit course was offered Fall, 2013, through the Dept. of Biology and Dept. of Entomology and Nematology. The course is for undergrads only, but if there are grad students interested, they should contact me. The class was focused on learning the everything about spiders. We will covered functional anatomy, senses and perception, behavior, webs, classification, relationships, and ecology. This class is planned to be offered again in Fall 2015.

Additional courses will be listed as they become available.