Terminology and fishhook anatomy.  Fishhook is an item for catching fish. These ancient examples are from Florida waterways and at first glance appear much the same. Closer inspection reveals diversity and unique features crafted by skilled artisans. Florida fishhooks tend to be eyeless. Instead, they have grooves on this portion of the upper shank.


fishhook anatomy graphicAt the end of the shank, an eye is commonly a ring, hole or loop and is the the connection area for a line or a lure.


Portion of the hook between the eye area and where it begins to bend. May be straight, incised, or curved.


Curved portion of the hook.


A reverse point (extending backwards) to secure fish and obstruct from unhooking.  Barbless fishhooks exist as most of the fishhook gallery reveals.


Tip portion that fish ingests.


The distance (width) from the point to the shank.