History and Overview of worked faunal bone and ivory.   These holdings have various histories and we hope new stories to share.  They come from many locations around Florida including rivers and lakes as well as numerous terrestrial sites.  We started the galleries with one of the most unique worked animal bone items- Fishhooks.  Currently, we are measuring, imaging, identifying, researching, and data basing some of the more commonly found worked bone –awls, fids, scrappers, knives, pins, points, pegs, and musical instruments to mention a few tool types and implements.

One hypothesis associated with bone points and bi-pointed implements is that they were possibly used not only as projectile points, but also as components of fishing technology. Bone points may have been used for composite fish hooks, bow-and-arrow fishing, or trolling. Trolling is another method of fish capture where a bone point could be fastened to a line and pulled alongside a dugout canoe to attract and catch predatory fish in inshore and offshore waters.

Other questions about function and Photograph of bone point rehabilitation.which bones and taxa were selected by ancient artisans are among the many questions being asked as we continue developing the next gallery.

Stay tuned for updates!