Internship Guidelines 

Purpose: The following are guidelines for interning at the Florida Program for Shark Research. These rules apply to all interns and any questions/ concerns should be addressed before your arrival. 

Time commitment: Interning at the FPSR requires you and your mentor to make a time commitment. If you agree to intern for three months, you will be expected to be here for three months. If you have any issues that will affect your time commitment, be sure to discuss them with your mentor. A two month minimum commitment is required. 

Attire: During work hours, attire can be casual, but use common sense. Do not wear clothing that may offend. Interns conducting fieldwork should wear comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes (e.g. booties, old running shoes) that can get wet and quite dirty. 

Punctuality: General work hours for FPSR personnel are 9am to 5pm with 12pm-1pm devoted to lunch. As an intern you will be expected to work during these hours, and arrive on time. 

Professionalism: The FPSR is a professional research program. All FPSR personnel are expected to act the part. As interns you will be expect to work hard and produce results, your internship is not a vacation. 

Education/Academic credit: If you are currently enrolled in school we strongly encourage you to make arrangements with your home institution to receive academic credit for your time here. At the FPSR, we try to foster an educational atmosphere. You will be interacting with many scientists with a range of experience. There are many opportunities to learn during your time here. Ask questions, be open to new ideas, and make the most of your experience. 

Duties: Intern duties will vary according project. Common responsibilities include data entry, filing, outreach production. Skills in Microsoft Access and Excel and attention to detail preferred. 

Projects: The FPSR has a variety of ongoing projects in areas of conservation, ecology, behavior, physiology, systematics, life history, shark attack, and education.