Free Admission

Swim over to the Florida Museum to see fish as you’ve never seen them before! Colorful, high-resolution images showcase the artistic wonders of modern preservation science while real specimens from the museum’s collections showcase their true size. Learn how techniques are changing in this remarkable, growing field and the ways in which natural history collections are becoming more accessible, with a video revealing two of these processes in action. Discover how the openVertebrate Thematic Collection Network (oVert), a collaborative initiative based at the museum, facilitates digital access to CT scans of thousands of specimens from around the world for free public use. iPads with scans of a lined seahorse and shovelnose sturgeon skeleton let guests take an interactive look at these underwater creatures.


All images and videos in the Inner Beauty exhibit were provided by Florida Museum ichthyologist and imaging lab manager Zach Randall, unless otherwise credited, and CT scans were taken as part of the openVertebrate Thematic Collection Network (oVert), a multi-institutional project funded by the National Science Foundation. The exhibit was funded by oVert (NSF DBI-1701714) and an Understanding the Rules of Life award (NSF 1839915).