Surprisingly, the cooler days of winter offer a perfect opportunity to see the butterflies the Butterfly Rainforest. While wandering through the lush jungle, our exhibit keeper Ingrith spotted many species  of butterflies enjoying the ripe fruit of a monstera plant.

many butterflies around a monstera fruit
Butterflies enjoying ripe monstera fruit. Florida Museum photo by Ingrith Martinez

The cool days are a great time to photograph our butterflies! They often sit with their wings open as they bask in the sunshine to warm themselves up. Tropical butterflies don’t like to start flying until temperatures reach about 65 degrees or so.

We host many types of butterflies in the exhibit and it’s okay if you can’t tell them apart. We have an ID guide to help you figure out which of our residents you took a photo of!

Don’t forget to check out the streams! We have large, brightly colors fish and you may spot the turtles along be stream banks too.

Many thanks to Ingrith for sharing her daily photos with us.