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Walk down memory lane with us to look at past special exhibits we’ve enjoyed here at the Florida Museum! While this exhibit has moved on to other places, we treasured the opportunity to learn and explore. Find out what exhibits are currently here at the Museum:

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scans of triceratops and albertosaurusScience Up Close: Fantastic Fossils

This exhibit was on display April 2, 2022, through January 2, 2023

Fantastic Fossils brought visitors face-to-face with giant dinosaur skeletons, beautiful botanical fossils and ancient microscopic life. They got to chat one-on-one with researchers and watch them prepare real fossil specimens from the field. Hundreds of unusual fossils from Florida and around the world were on display from our collections. Live programming, streaming from the field, touchable objects and interactive technology offered engaging experiences for all ages. Our visitors were excited to learn more about the process of paleontology and uncover the secrets of past life on Earth!

Fantastic Fossils was the first installment of Science Up Close, a dynamic exhibition series intending to showcase the Florida Museum of Natural History’s research and collections in a whole new way. Each exhibit will invite visitors to take a unique look behind the scenes, interact with scientists while they work and explore some of the Museum’s coolest specimens to discover why they are relevant for people today.

Live Lab Feature

A visitor-favorite was being able to interact with people working with fossils. Our staff, students and volunteers spent many hours answering questions and showing how they carefully uncovered fossils fresh from the field. It takes patience and persistence to prepare a fossil from the first sight at the dig to finally cataloging it into a museum collection. From old tools to new technology, our paleontology team got to show off how they do their job.

Bonus: Take a Virtual Tour

Our friends at Streaming Science here on the UF campus created a Fantastic Fossils Exhibit virtual tour so web visitors can explore the exhibit long after it closed. Hope over to the Streaming Science Fantastic Fossils exhibit page to learn more about how to explore it or jump right to the Virtual Tour.

Virtual Tour

Science Up Close: Fantastic Fossils is sponsored in part by the University of Florida Student Government and Florida Division of Arts and Culture. Original versions of the photos used in the featured image are by Eva Kröcher and MCDinosaurhunter, used under CC BY.