Megalodon is the largest shark that ever lived! Estimated to be approximately 60 feet in length, this formidable top predator occupied the world’s ancient oceans 17-2 million years ago. Megalodon consumed vast quantities of marine animals and likely contributed to the stability of ecosystems – as top predators do today. Understanding Megalodon’s life history is critical to improving our knowledge of evolution and living shark conservation. Throughout the Megalodon Educator’s Guide you will learn about Megalodon and gain ideas regarding how to integrate the Megalodon exhibit into your classroom activities.

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Megalodon Educators’ Guide



Megalodon Activities

  • How big was Megalodon?
  • How long did Megalodon live?
  • What did Megalodon eat?
  • When did Megalodon live?
  • Where did Megalodon live?
  • Who was Megalodon related to?
  • Why is Megalodon important?
  • Culminating Activity: Megalodon on Exhibit!
  • Megalodon Field Trip: Field Journals

National Science Education Standards

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Useful Vocabulary

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