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Many of our lab members are heading to the Big Easy this week to participate in the 89th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Of particular interest to CTL followers is the poster session featuring the Ceramic Petrographers in the Americas that will take place on Saturday afternoon. Below are the details and links to PDFs of the posters. We hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 18

[50] Poster Symposium – Twenty Years of Archaeological Science at the Field Museum’s Elemental Analysis Facility

Location: Marriott Grand Ballroom

Time: 10:00-12:00pm

50-e  Matthew LoBiondo and Emily Kracht—Tracking Population Movement and Interaction in Southern Appalachia: Elemental Analysis of Early Mississippian Pottery from Etowah


Friday, April 19

[135] Symposium – Caribbean Archaeology

Location: Marriott Bonaparte

9:00am  Emily Kracht and Lindsay Bloch – Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Continuity of Rattling Ceramic Vessels and Adornos in the Caribbean


[232] Symposium – Woodland Period Archaeology in the US

Location: Marriott Balcony L

4:00pm  Neill Wallis and James Dunbar – Wooden Post Architecture and the Origins of Woodland Civic-Ceremonial Centers: New Evidence from the Spring Warrior Complex, Florida


Saturday, April 20

[279] Symposium – Mississippian Period Archaeology in the US Southeast

Location: Marriott Galerie I

1:45pm  Erin Nelson, Lindsay Bloch, Neill Wallis and Ashley Rutkoski – Sourcing Pensacola Communities of Practice: NAA of Mississippian Pottery on the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coast


[287] Poster Symposium – Ceramic Petrographers in the Americas: Recent Research and Methodological Advances

Location: Marriott Grant Ballroom

Time: 1:00-3:00pm

287-a  C. Trevor Duke and Neill Wallis – Molding Community: Compositional Insights into the Organization of Mississippian Pottery Production on the Central Gulf Coast of Florida, USA

287-b  Ann Cordell and Neill Wallis – Using Petrography to Fine-Tune Temper and Fabric Recognition of Indigenous Pottery in Florida [SAA 2024 Cordell and Wallis]

287-c  Ashley Rutkoski, Nicolas Gauthier, Neill Wallis, Andrea Torvinen and Ann Cordell – Enhancing Ceramic Petrography through Deep Learning [Rutkoski et al. 2024 SAA_Petrography_Poster]

287-d  Anthony Farace, Neill Wallis, Michelle LeFebvre, Charles Cobb and Victor Thompson – A Geochemical and Petrographic Analysis of Ceramics from the Estero Island Site in SW Florida [Farace_etal_SAA24]

287-e  Domenique Sorresso – Early Evidence of the “Mississippianization” of Late Woodland Communities from the Upper Tombigbee River Drainage, Mississippi [PDF]


[305] Symposium – Ideas, Ethical Ideals, and Museum Practice in North American Archaeological Collections

Location: Marriott Galerie 6

3:30pm  Andrea Torvinen, Christopher Nicholson, Ben A. Nelson, and Christopher Schwartz – Creating a Digital Reference Collection for the La Quemada-Malpaso Valley Archaeological Project



Sunday, April 21

[318] Symposium – Human-Animal Relations

Location: Marriott Studio B

9:30am  Jennifer Green, Nicole Fuller, Michelle LeFebvre and Neill Wallis – Archaeology of the Eastern Oyster: Collection and Curation Practices by North American Practitioners


[327] Symposium – Reinvent, Reclaim, Redefine: Considerations of “Reuse” in Archaeological Contexts

Location: Marriott Studio 4&5

9:30am  Lindsay Bloch, Matthew Reilly and Craig Stevens – The Material Culture of Back-to-Africa: Object Reinvention in the Development of Africa’s First Republic