bee on flower

Amazing Pollinators

Take on the role of pollinators like bats, bees, beetles and butterflies in this immersive exhibit that highlights their benefits … Continue

Picture of Lost Bird statues

The Lost Bird Project

See cast-bronze sculptures of the extinct Carolina Parakeet, Great Auk, Heath Hen, Labrador Duck and Passenger Pigeon roosting in front … Continue

Styracoptinus beetle

Bark Beetle Calligraphy

Opens July 8 Examine the artistry of small, but mighty bark beetles in this new free gallery exhibition. Created by … Continue

Scoop on poop exhibit header

The Scoop on Poop

Our first exhibit of 2018 is all about poop! Yes, we mean it. There’s so much to learn about animals … Continue

close-up image of a passionflower

Discovery Zone

Join the Museum in welcoming its new permanent exhibit: Beverly and Jon Thompson Discovery Zone Explore, observe, study, pretend and … Continue

Frogs! exhibit header

Frogs! Exhibit Opening Day

It’s opening day for our new exhibit: Frogs! Fun, colorful, family-friendly, way to spend your Saturday! Learn all about anurans—commonly known as frogs and toads—with hands-on activities, live frogs on display, and more.