screen shot of a digitized fossil alligator skull

3D Model: Alligator Skull

The specimen (UF 427430) is the skull of Alligator mississippiensis collected from Montbrook on April 25th, 2016, by Russell Brown, Dawn … Continue

Microvertebrate fossils from Montbrook

Microvertebrate Fossils

Microvertebrate fossils are really small. They require use of a microscope for identification. Because of this, they receive less love … Continue

Close up of Lee Williams duck coracoid fossil. Florida Museum photo taken on October 21st, 2016 by Jonathan Bloch

The Birds of Montbrook

So far, 18 different species of birds have been identified from Montbrook fossils by Florida Museum Curator of Ornithology, David … Continue

Dorelle Ackerman with the mako shark tooth she discovered on Sunday, April 8th. Florida Museum photo by Jonathan Bloch.

New Mako Shark

We recently posted about the discovery of a  tooth adding to the diversity of our Montbrook faunal list. Just yesterday (Sunday, … Continue

Ryan Dye with otter jaw discovery. Florida Museum photo by Dawn Dye.

Otter Jaw

This past Wednesday, April 4th, Montbrook volunteer, Ryan Dye, uncovered an otter jaw! We were able to pedestal around the … Continue