Florida has one of the richest fossil records, both invertebrate and vertebrate (and to a much lesser degree botanical), of any place in the World. With such a wealth of paleontological resources available to collectors, it is not surprising that numerous clubs have been organized around the state that cater, wholly or in part, to fossil collecting.

Many of these clubs give their members opportunities to participate in real fossil digs, providing a hands-on learning experience. With few exceptions, most areas of Florida have a club within driving distance and many clubs publish a newsletter. So even if members are unable to attend meetings, they can still keep up with club activities and topics in Florida paleontology.

Listed in alphabetical order below are many of these Florida clubs. Some are strictly paleontological, some focus just on modern and fossil shells, and some are rock, mineral, and fossil organizations. Where possible, we have provided links to club homepages or mailing addresses. Since we have undoubtedly left out a few organizations, and information about the clubs listed here is subject to change, we welcome any updates to this list. New or updated information may be sent to the museum’s webmaster here.

Amateur fossil collectors interested in Florida paleontology should also check out other relevant topics found on the Museum’s Homepage. It is very important to note that fossil collectors who collect vertebrate fossils on state lands in Florida, which include all navigable waterways, and offshore waters, are required to have a Fossil Collecting Permit issued by the Florida Program of Vertebrate Paleontology. For more information about the fossil collecting permit contact Richard Hulbert via e-mail at rhulbert@flmnh.ufl.edu.

Florida Fossil Clubs

Florida Shell Clubs

Florida Gem and Mineral Clubs