Drs. Emily H. and Harold E. Vokes Grants-in-Aid for Invertebrate Paleontology Collection-based Research

Each year, the Invertebrate Paleontology Division at the Florida Museum of Natural History offers one or two grants of up to $500 to advanced undergraduate or graduate students who wish to use our collections for paleobiological research. Awards may only be used for transportation and living expenses while visiting the museum.

Proposals must include a one-page description of your planned research and include anticipated time of arrival, length of visit, and budget. Furthermore, a letter of support from a faculty advisor must be provided. Proposals are due 1 July each year with notification of successful candidates by 15 July.

Successful candidates are expected to complete their visit within one year and are expected to acknowledge the Vokes Grants-in-Aid Program in any publication related to research conducted while at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Proposals and letters of support are to be sent via email to:
Roger W. Portell
Vokes Grants-in-Aid

For further information please contact:

Roger W. Portell at portell@flmnh.ufl.edu