Pile of pots with ashes still attached

Clay Chronicles VIII

Trial by fire! As you may have gathered from earlier posts, I was anxious about the firing, because it is … Continue

ball of clay with stamped design

Clay Chronicles VII

I’m running out of pottery making supplies at home, so am wrapping up my experiments for now. After making the … Continue

clay with pile of gray crushed shell on top

Clay Chronicles VI

For most of the pots I’ve made during these quarantimes, I’ve used clays more or less as they were. This … Continue

closeup of vulture head

Clay Chronicles V

This was my most ambitious one so far. Weeden Island Effigy Pot, ca. 1500 years ago My inspiration for this … Continue

Clamshell with ocher mix

Clay Chronicles IV

Clay Chronicles Series Dunns Creek Red Pottery, ca. 1800 years ago This time I decided to tackle a toughie. Dunn’s … Continue