Florida Museum of Natural History

Coralline White Band Syndrome

Photos of Coralline White Band Syndrome (Goreau et al. 1998, Ballantine et al. 2004).

All photos taken by Jada-Simone S. White from recruitment tiles outplanted in the northern lagoons in Moorea, French Polynesia. For additional information regarding photos, contact jswhite@ufl.edu

CWBS on Porolithon onkodes

Figure 1. Porolithon onkodes afflicted with early stages of CWBS.

CWBS on Titanoderma prototypum

Figure 2. Titanoderma prototypum afflicted with two instances of CWBS.

CWBS on Lithophyllum and Porolithon

Figure 3. Lithophyllum cf. flavicum and Porolithon afflicted with later stage of CWBS. Note white line is no longer obvious.

Figure 4. Unidentified CCA afflicted with later stage of CWBS.

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