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The Florida Museum of Natural History and University of Florida do not offer degrees in Herpetology.

However, our permanent faculty/staff in the Division of Herpetology occasionally teach Herpetology-related courses in several departments at the University of Florida. See the department’s course catalog for if/when these courses are offered again.

Departments and related courses

UF Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

UF Department of Zoology

Over the years, we have had a large number of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Florida working on herpetology-related projects. Although there is no particular department a student must be enrolled in, students’ home departments typically include the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Department of Zoology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Environmental Engineering Sciences, Department of Geological Sciences,and Natural Resources and the Environment. We suggest that you contact the University of Florida Admissions Office, as well as individual departments above for specific entry requirements.

Opportunities offered through Herpetology Range

Information for potential Volunteer or Internships at the Florida Museum.