All samples stored in the Genetic Resources Repository are associated with a specimen catalogued in the corresponding Museum range.

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PLEASE NOTE: The GRR database does not contain the entire record for each specimen. For complete specimen information, you’ll need to look it up in the corresponding collection’s database:

Detailed information associated with the source voucher specimens from the other collections — Lepidoptera, Molecular Systematics & Evolutionary Genetics Lab, Ornithology — may be obtained by visiting the web pages of the corresponding division or by contacting the appropriate curator.

*The GRR is not responsible for the species identifications of the specimens deposited; these determinations are the responsibility of the individual curators and researchers who have provided the material. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of researchers requesting tissue/DNA samples from the GRR to verify the identity of the voucher specimens linked to these samples before publishing results from analyses of these samples.  Likewise, the nomenclature of many groups of animals and plants is unstable; when searching the database for specimens, try searching under possible synonyms for the taxa of interest.