From 1982 to 1986, the CTL supported a monograph series: Ceramic Notes: Occasional Publications of the Ceramic Technology Laboratory, Florida State Museum, edited by Prudence Rice. These publications are now freely available online through the Institutional Repository at the University of Florida, where they may be read, printed, and shared.

Ceramic Notes No. 1:
Annotated Bibliography of Ceramic Studies, Part 1. Analysis: Technical and Ethnographic Approaches to Pottery Production and Use.
1982, compiled by Prudence M. Rice and Marian E. Saffer. Read Online

Ceramic Notes No. 2:
Ceramic Technology at a Weeden Island Period Archaeological Site in North Florida.
1984, by Ann S. Cordell. Read Online

Ceramic Notes No. 3:
Papers in Ceramic Analysis.
1986, edited by Prudence M. Rice. Read Online

Ceramics Notes No. 3 Contents:

The Technology of Ceramic Production of Wanka and Inka Wares from the Yanamarca Valley, Peru, by Melissa G. Hagstrum

A Formal and Functional Analysis of St. Johns series Pottery from Two Sites in St. Augustine, Florida, by Mary K. Herron

The Southeastern Fiber-Tempered Ceramic Tradition Reconsidered, by George Ward Shannon, Jr.

Analysis of Ceramics from the South Prong I Site (8HI418), by Jeffrey M. Mitchem

Extraction and Thermal Alteration of Pollen Embedded in Clay, by Donna L. Ruhl

A Preliminary Report on Investigations of Sponge Spicules in Florida “Chalky” Paste Pottery, by Nina Thans Borremans and Graig D. Shaak

GOWER: A Program to Calculate Similarity from Mixed-Level Data, by Marian E. Saffer, Roger K. Blashfield, and Prudence M. Rice

Pottery Manufacture and Design Symbolism of Late Swift Creek Phase Ceramics at King’s Bay, Georgia, by Rebecca Saunders