Gallery of Southeastern U.S. Birds - An Introduction

Presented here is a photographic guide to many of the birds of the Southeastern U.S. The geographic area covered by this guide includes the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the southeastern part of Texas. The Photo Gallery of Southeastern U. S. Birds predominantly features photographs by arbovirologist/photographer Dr. Dan Sudia. Dr. Sudia's copyrighted photographs may be used free for educational and personal use; any commercial use is prohibited. Persons wishing to use photographs not identified as Dr. Sudia's should contact the Museum webmaster. The Gallery photographs initially were made available by the University of Georgia Museum of Natural History. Photographers wishing to exhibit their material aboard this venue should contact the Museum webmaster.

Using this Gallery

The images at this site are arranged systematically. The taxonomy and scientific names presented here are based on the American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) 1983 check-list of North American Birds and subsequent supplements.

If you know what you are looking for you can jump to either the beginning of that group from the list below, or by using the alphabetical index which links directly to the larger images.

Bird Orders

Podicipediformes - Grebes
Pelecaniformes - Pelicans, Anhingas and Cormorants
Anseriformes - Ducks and Geese
Phoenicopteriformes - Flamingos
Ciconiiformes - Herons and Storks
Falconiformes - Falcons, Hawks, Eagles, Osprey and Vultures
Galliformes - Turkeys, Quail, Pheasant, and Bobwhite
Gruiformes - Cranes, Rails, Limpkins, Gallinule and Coots
Charadriiformes - Shorebirds, Gulls and relatives
Columbiformes - Pigeons and Doves
Cuculiformes - Cuckoos and Ani
Strigiformes - Owls
Caprimulgiformes - Nightjars, Goatsuckers and Nighthawks
Apodiformes - Swifts and Hummingbirds
Coraciiformes - Rollers, Kingfishers and relatives
Piciformes - Woodpeckers, Toucans and relatives
Passeriformes - Perching Birds