Some say that the virtual reality is here. Still, despite the occasional hiccups we may experience in the real world, I would choose the “red pill,” were I to be offered a choice. I’m not completely ready to plug myself into the Matrix just yet.

However, like most of us, many things I’ve been doing lately are “virtual.” My colleagues and I ran the first virtual LepCamp past summer and taught our first virtual UF Insects and Plants course in the fall, the list goes on.

One thing that I miss doing in person in this New COVID World is giving tours of our collections. So, today, I am pleased to bring the collections to you via a virtual tour, a collaborative effort by the McGuire Center staff.


Video was produced by Andrei Sourakov. Thanks to Laurel Kaminsky, Alexandra Sourakov, Kristen Grace, and Jeff Gage for additional footage or photography. Thanks also to Keith Willmott, Anupama Priyadarshini, Amanda Markee, Shinichi Nakahara, Riley Gott, Kevin Burnette, Joe Martinez and many volunteers for appearing in the video.