Caribbean Monk Seal

Caribbean Monk Seals were last seen in the 1950s, in part because people overhunted them for oil and overfished their…
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collection of bones and shells photographed on a white background

Animal Remains: Warm Period

Archaeological sites can provide clues to past climate change, including warm periods with increased storm activity. These remains provide evidence…
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Squat Lobsters (Munida valida)

Squat Lobsters

Invertebrates are poorly known, even colorful Squat Lobsters. Many of these brightly colored animals remain undescribed by scientists – a…
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Segmented Worm (Chaetopterus pergamentaceus)

Segmented Worm

Chaetopterus pump water through their parchment tube and filter small plankton through a mucus net they hold. Their tube is…
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Sea Cucumbers (various species)

Sea Cucumbers

Sea Cucumbers come in all shapes and sizes, and play an important role in marine ecosystems by recycling nutrients. Unfortunately,…
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Sclerosponge (Acanthochaetetes wellsi)


Scientists study ancient climate using “natural archives” such as ice and sediment cores, tree rings and certain animal remains. Sclerosponges…
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