Caribbean Monk Seals were last seen in the 1950s, in part because people overhunted them for oil and overfished their food sources. This bone comes from a Calusa archaeological site, where people may have taken advantage of a seal that washed ashore during a storm.


Caribbean Monk Seal Bone (Neomonachus tropicalis)
From Lee Co., Florida
Lived ~AD 300


South Florida Archaeology


It’s unusual to find seal bones in a Florida archaeological site, but this bone is from the flipper of a Caribbean Monk Seal. It was found in a site dating to about 1,700 years ago. The South Florida native Indian people did not frequently eat seals, so we think this animal may have washed ashore after a big hurricane around 300 A.D. We think this because the monk seal bones were directly associated with remains of shellfish and other marine animals that are not normally expected at this site. This means that they must have been left there by a massive storm surge from a hurricane.

Bill Marquardt
Curator, South Florida Archaeology & Ethnography*
Director, Randell Research Center*
Florida Museum of Natural History


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