Three culture areas are featured in this online exhibit: Mesoamerica, the Intermediate Area, and the Central Andes.

Mesoamerica spans from Mexico south over the borders of El Salvador and Honduras. The Intermediate Area extends further south from Honduras and El Salvador to Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Directly to the south of Ecuador, Peru and highland Bolivia form the area known as the Central Andes. In the exhibit, Peru and Costa Rica are well represented, but there are also pieces representing many other countries in the three main areas.

Graduate students selected and researched individual pieces, and their entries are marked with their initials, and a bibliography of citations appears in each section. The Florida Museum of Natural History greatly appreciates the contribution of Elizabeth Boyd, who took many of the photos and initiated this on-line project. Exhibit texts were edited by Susan Milbrath, Curator of Latin American Art and Archaeology, and Jeffrey Vadala served as our consultant for technical and design aspects, and he completed the project’s web implementation.

Elizabeth Boyd: Central Andean entries (EB)

Alejandra Carrillo: Central Andean entries (AC)

Karen Pereira: Intermediate Area entries (KP)

Nezahualcoyotl Xiuhtecutli: Mesoamerican entries (NX)

Natasha Zabala: Mesoamerican entries (NZ)