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VOLUME 22 (2022)

Goodbye, Au revoir, Adios (William F. Keegan)

Ship graffiti in the North-Central Caribbean: Geocultural context and heritage Preservation (Michael J. Lace, Reniel Rodríguez Ramos, Tamara González Durán, and Manuel Guivas Gerena)

SPECIAL PUBLICATION NUMBER 5: Yamaye: Jamaican Prehistory and Contact Period – Current Research and Challenges, edited by Lesley-Gail Atkinson Swaby

Foreword (Lesley-Gail Atkinson Swaby)

Definition of Montego Bay Style Pottery and its Implications for Jamaican Meillacan Ostionoids (Ivor C. Conolley)

Archaeology in Paradise (Park), Jamaica: Investigating Jamaica’s Two pre-Columbian Cultures (William F. Keegan)

Pre-Columbian Human Osteological Remains from Jamaica: A Review (Ana Luisa Santos and Philip Allsworth-Jones).

Zooarchaeological and Isotopic findings from White Marl, Jamaica: Insights on Indigenous human-animal interactions and evidence for the management of Jamaican hutias (Gene Shev, Romaine Thomas, and Zachary Beier)

The Structure and Material Assemblage of a Jamaican Taíno Residence at First Spanish Contact (David V. Burley)

Encomienda in Jamaica: Evidence for Forces Indian Labor in Jamaica 1509-1534 (Robyn P. Woodward)

Genetic Perspectives on the pre- and Early Contact Histories of Jamaica (Jada Benn Torres and Taiye Winful)

VOLUME 21 (2021)

Nuevo Corinto: A Chiefly Village in Northeastern Costa Rica  (Silvia Salgado González, John W. Hoopes, Mónica Aguilar Bonilla, and Patricia Fernández Esquivel) 

VOLUME 20 (2020)

Stone Ornaments from Guadeloupe and Martinique Early Period Sites (200 BC – AD 400), Detailed Analysis and Comparison with a Late Ceramic Period Site (AD 750 – 1000) (Alain Queffelec, Pierrick Fouere, Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet, and Benoît Berard)

Conduits to the Supernatural: Bifurcated Snuff Tubes in the pre-Columbian Caribbean (Joanna Ostapkowicz)

The Impact of the Macana: A Theoretical Exploration of the Combat Effectiveness of War Clubs in the Guianas and Beyond (DonArp, Jr.)

VOLUME 19 (2019)

Theodoor de Booy: Caribbean Expeditions and Collections at the National Museum of the American Indian (L. Antonio Curet and Maria Galban)

About Boxes and Labels: A Periodization of the Amerindian Occupation of the West Indies  (Benoît Bérard)

Archaeology of Piracy Between Caribbean Sea and the North American Coast of 17th and 18th Centuries: Shipwrecks, Material Culture and Terrestrial Perspectives (Jean Soulat and John de Bry)

VOLUME 18 (2018)

VOLUME 17 (2017)

VOLUME 16 (2016)

VOLUME 15 (2015)

SPECIAL PUBLICATION NUMBER 4: New Perspectives on Bahamian Archaeology, edited by Mary Jane Berman (2015)

VOLUME 14 (2014)

VOLUME 13 (2013)

VOLUME 12 (2012)

VOLUME 11 (2011)

VOLUME 10 (2010)

VOLUME 9 (2010)

SPECIAL PUBLICATION NUMBER 3: Mobility and exchange from a Pan-Caribbean perspective, edited by Corinne L. Hofman and Alistair J. Bright (2010)

VOLUME 8 (2008)

SPECIAL PUBLICATION NUMBER 2: An Exploratory Study into the Chemical Characterization of Caribbean Ceramics, edited by Christophe Descantes, Robert J. Speakman, Michael D. Glascock, and Matthew T. Boulanger (2008)

VOLUME 7 (2007)

VOLUME 6 (2005)

VOLUME 5 (2004)

SPECIAL PUBLICATION NUMBER 1: Historical Archaeology in the French Caribbean, edited by Kenneth G. Kelly (2004)

VOLUME 4 (2003)

VOLUME 3 (2002)

VOLUME 2 (2001)

VOLUME 1 (2000)