Florida Snake Identification Key

Florida Crowned Snake


Scientific name: Tantilla relicta (TELFORD 1966)

The following will separate the three Florida Crowned Snakes found in Florida. If you are unable to distinguish between them based on the characteristics in the key below, you probably can do so using the geographic location alone.

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No light collar behind head; northern and central peninsular Florida from Suwannee River to St. Johns River and south to Hillsborough County.

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Your snake could be a Central Florida Crowned Snake, Tantilla relicta neilli.

Tantilla relicta neilli

Light collar broken at midline; peninsular Florida's central ridge from Marion County to Polk County and separate populations in Levy, Pinellas, Sarasota and Charlotte counties.

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Your snake could be a Peninsula Crowned Snake, Tantilla relicta relicta.

Peninsula Crowned Snake

Light collar broad and complete; Florida east coast from Palm Beach County to Cape Canaveral.

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Your snake could be a Coastal Dunes Crowned Snake, Tantilla relicta pamlica

Tantilla relicta pamlica.

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