A majority of Florida snakes are harmless. Of the 50 established species found in Florida, only 6 species are venomous.

You may be able to safely feed squirrels in a city park, but if you grab one of the squirrels, chances are it will bite and scratch you out of fear. Most people would not condemn squirrels because they defend themselves by biting and scratching. Snakes defend themselves mostly by fleeing, but they may bite if captured and harmed. However, biting is not a sign that they are dangerous, it is just the only way that most snakes have to defend themselves. Some snakes might also exude a smelly musk or defecate on the human or other animal that is threatening them.

If you find a snake and do not know whether it is non-venomous (harmless) or venomous.

If you have snakes around your house

If you are bitten by a snake