This online guide to the snakes of Florida is based on work initially led by former collection manager Dr. Kenneth L. Krysko and Curator Emeritus Dr. F. Wayne King.

The individual species accounts have been updated, revised, and expanded by collection manager Dr. Coleman Sheehy with additional input from Curator Dr. David C. Blackburn.

The illustrations of color patterns are updated versions of those first produced by Curator Emeritus Dr. F. Wayne King.

We thank the many photographers that have made images available for use in this guide, including Cathy Bester (Bester Photo), Tim Borski, Matt Fedler, Kristen Grace, Ryan Means, Noah Mueller, Todd Pierson, Rob Robins, Jason C. Seitz, Coleman Sheehy, Luke Smith, Dustin Smith, and Dirk J. Stevenson. Other images on the site come from photographers that have made images freely available through the CC BY-NC Creative Commons licenses on sites such as iNaturalist.

To further improve details in the guide, comments on the guide can be sent to Dr. Coleman Sheehy at