Formlabs 3D printer3D Lab users have access to several 3D printing/additive manufacture options, including a new Formlabs Form2 resin-based stereolithography printer with wash and curing stations, and stocks of white, clear and durable resin.

Usage is free for occasional use, but repeat users, or those with special material needs, are encouraged to purchase their own resin. For users who want to print files on their own printer, or utilize the various printers on campus, the 3D Lab has a number of software packages that can help optimize mesh files before printing.



Additional printing options

Location Printer Cost
Marston Science Library Several Extrusion options $.15/gram.  $3 minimum
UF Fabrication Lab SLA, Extrusion, met and more M$3.00/ml.
Nanoscale Research Center Object 260 Connex $0.16-$0.26 per gram. $56 setup fee
Shapeways SLS, Objet 750 and more $0.15- $750 per cm3