The Daniels Lab is committed to supporting the integration of research and education. As part of the Florida Museum, outreach in our lab focuses primarily on educating the general public about the importance of natural history. We actively participate in various programs in science education, such as the museum’s ButterflyFestEarth Day BioBlitz, She’s a Scientist, butterfly gardening at elementary schools, speaking to retirement communities, and much more.

Educational Materials

In addition to providing information to the public directly through such events, our lab has partnered with several other organizations to provide high quality materials for educators, including guides to butterflies and wildflowers, augmented reality cards, and certificates for butterfly watchers.

Download free butterfly brochures and resources for education here

Beer for butterflies!

We partner with First Magnitude Brewing Co. to create beers that raise awareness for rare and at-risk butterflies in Florida. The proceeds from these beers benefit butterfly conservation and research in Florida. So far, we have highlighted the monarch butterfly (Migration Marzen and Monarch Milk Stout), the Schaus’s swallowtail (Schaus Stout), Bartram’s scrub hairstreak (Bartram’s Blonde), Miami blue (Miami Blue Bock), and Atala butterfly (Atala Pale Ale). See below for images of beer and merch!

Video: Miami Blue Bock beer to help save endangered butterfly