Acacia farnesiana

  • Family name: Fabaceae
  • Host plant for: Ammon blue (Cyclargus ammon)
  • General description: Small upright multi-stemmed tree with dense thorny branches, fern-like leaves and highly fragrant bright fuzzy yellow flowers borne in globular clusters. Fast growing and relatively short-lived landscape plant for sunny, dry sites. Can be grown in poor soils as plant fixes atmospheric nitrogen. Salt and drought tolerant. Freeze hardy. Thorny branches demand caution and may limit garden use.
  • Type: Shrub or small tree
  • Flower: Small fragrant yellow flowers in globular clusters
  • Bloom time: Year-round
  • Soil type: Moist, well-drained, limestone or sandy soils
  • Maximum height: 15 feet
  • Candidate for home gardens: Excellent but relatively short-lived
  • Availability in nursery: Native plant nurseries
  • Frenquency in the wild: Occasional
  • Habitat: coastal uplands, pine flatwoods, ruderal
  • Range in Florida
Full sunFull Sun
Drought tolerantDrought Tolerant

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