Question Mark

  • Family name: Nymphalidae/Brush-Footed Butterflies
  • General description: Orange with black spots and short hindwing tail; hindwing primarily black in summer-form individuals; wing margins irregular; ventral wing surfaces mottled brown and leaf-like; ventral hindwing with white question mark in center.
  • Field Marks: Orange with black spots and irregular wing margins; hindwing with short tail.
  • Sexes: Appear similarQuestion Mark larva
  • Wingspan: 59-75 mm
  • Life Cycle: Egg: Small, green, laid singly or stacked on top of each other on host leaves Mature larva: Black with cream to orange stripes and spots, and numerous yellow to orange branched spines Chrysalis: Brown with silver dorsal spots
  • Number of Generations: Two generations
  • Flight Season: All yearQuestion Mark ventral
  • Abundance: Common
  • Habitat: Forest margins, woodland openings, swamps, wooded yards, parks
  • Larval Host Plants: Winged elm (Ulmus alata), Sugarberry (Celtis laevigata), Common Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis)
  • Similar Species: No similar species
  • Additional Information: Adults attracted to fermenting fruit, dung, and sap flows; adults overwinter. Limited range in Arizona.
  • Range in Florida

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